Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Can you wear a little black dress for 365 days?

I would probably struggle, I can't lie, but the girls on Uniform project have certainly done it - and at least for a month.

This is a charity project from NYC which was launched by Sheena Matheiken. She wanted to challenge consumerism by wearing for an entire year the same dress. She not only practised good sustainability, but  she has also been able to raise money for a non-profit charity that provides education to children living in the Indian slums. Everyday she accessorised the 'uniform' with reused, vintage or donated things. Since this initiative in 2009 it has been a great success and the UP started a 'pilot series'.

Now each month there is a girl wearing the same dress raising money for charity. Some of the outfits I must say they're amazing!! I really admire these girls, they have a lot of imagination and they're incredibly inspiring...

Mmmm...the more i write about it the more I'm getting tempted to do it. What do you think, should I try?
In the meantime I will start with a donation, I think it's a great initiative.

I personally love December 2010..some of her ideas:

Friday, 21 January 2011

Europunk...if you're in Rome

How has the counter-culture Punk influenced the visual arts in Europe...? You can find out at this exhibition! 
I'd love to go especially as I've just read Vivienne Westwood's biography by Jane Mulvagh.

The exhibition starts today and is on until the 20th March at Villa Medici - L' Académie de France à Rome.
If you're nearby....let me know how it is! 

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Vintage at non-Goodwood.

So Wayne Hemingway is going to tour the Festival and stop at London Southbank centre. Will it be as good as last year's edition? It was so much fun!
Perhaps last year was a one-off event that will make history? Whatever is going to be that festival left some lovely memories...especially of me and Mr B dancing till the morning under the stars in a mad 90's style rave 'warehouse'.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Mary Katrantzou

About a year and a half ago, while at Micam, Minna Parikka told me about a new emerging designer called Mary Katrantzou. Minna was going to buy one of Katrantzou's creations in Banner while in Milan (which back then was one of the only few stores in the world selling the label).
Since AW09, the season of the perfume bottle / art-decoish theme, I've been a big fan. She's absolutely one of my favourites. Her prints are always genius!
She did a collaboration with Topshop - which I missed last year as I was away for business.... by the time I got back everything was sold out. Can you give us another chance Mary?

A peek from her SS11..........................if not in Topshop perhaps in the Sale? Mr. B???

Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Liberty is replacing the Manolo Blahnik section into a lovely stationery room, this is even better than the scarves!!! Count down starts to the opening! I love working around here!

You don't need to go to Tokyo...

I love this website
These young fashion lovers from Berlin share their love for Japan with us Europeans by making 20 Japanese  brands available to shop online......I better start saving...and for my trip to Japan to visit my friend Erina!!
Here some fine pieces:

Clogs might not be as fashionable as last summer but these are sensational:

A bit of Tsumori Chisato:

Lots of lovely cape coats but this is my favourite:

And if you fancy a vintage Japanese kimono....


Must be for the Opening Ceremony celebration of the 100th anniversary of Pendleton but the High Street has been bombarded by the Native American designs and colours. Shall I wait for the next work trip to the US or shall I just go across the street and grab a topshop version!? Let's add some Minnetonka on the list too...(tip: if you're ever in Vegas there's a bonanza gift shop in Fremont - old Vegas - that sells original ones for only a few dollars!!)

Monday, 17 January 2011


Tonight is about coziness and warmness, I'm going to watch Dans Paris in bed...looking forward to watching Louis Garrel again!!
This 17th of January wasn't that depressing in the end!

I'm leaving you with this in the background..

Did that just happen?

Terrible moment of glamour malfunction when strolling around this morning.
I was walking happily when in an instant I found my hat a few yards away, myself fighting against an umbrella in revolt and my hair in a big perm.
Marc by marc jacobs umbrella has utterly failed.

The start. all good intentions and resolutions I should begin this blog today. Hopefully it'll be a real fun journey.
As somebody told me this morning today (17th January) is the most miserable day of the year. It hasn't started too bad but we'll see what lies ahead. Let's keep positive.. off now to take pictures of aw11 shoes!